​Narnia Home is a small, independent online store dedicated to bringing beautiful, handmade, tropical inspired homewares to the Nordics.

When this business was first imagined earlier this year, it had one simple idea in mind - to create a calm and relaxing, coastal inspired sanctuary or space.

I am an Australian designer with Sri-Lankan heritage, so I am deeply influenced by the tropical island life and attracted to the calming, natural hues of sandy white beaches and sublime turquoise oceans.

These are the beautiful interior styles that I wanted to bring to Norway, as it blends so well with the Scandinavian and Coastal "Boho" lifestyle.

Working closely with a Bali-based supplier and personal friend, we found so many amazing handmade products being produced all over Bali by talented local artisans and craftspersons. An exciting collection started taking shape. Using natural materials like rattan, sea shells, rustic teak woods and mixing it with 100% cotton fabrics in neutral colours or bold tropical prints. Adding all these natural elements to your home, gives a feeling of laid back island life, all year round. And this became, Narnia Home.

We choose to support small production and often, family-owned business. All our products are handmade and hand crafted. We have selected products that are not mass produced and therefore each item is unique. Sourcing directly from these local businesses, we aim to provide an ongoing and sustainable income support to these local communities.

I hope you will find some special handmade pieces that inspire thoughts of paradise and years of joy!

Welcome to Narnia Home.